Simply the beginning.

Hello there.  This is Saturday Morning’s Best!  This is all fairly new to us, and we’re still getting used to WordPress, but still, we’re very excited about starting this up to share with you and anyone you think might enjoy any of this.  Saturday Mornings used to be something great when we were kids.  It’s hard to say if kids nowadays think the same thing, but I know it was special for us.  Waking up to watch new cartoons was really something special, and although we don’t make cartoons, we wanted to put what we do out there anyway.  So we’re going to be tossing out short stories, or chapters to larger ones, out every Saturday.  I’m sure things will be slow at first, but we’ll get better, just keep tuning in, and help us grow.  We’re always looking for more talent, so if you have something to throw our way, or are thinking about joining our little band, let us know. 

You can contact Patrick at if you have any questions, concerns, submissions, or whatever.  But no spam or solicitations please.