Abacus Jones: Soulless Cowboy in She Cried Werewolf!

We were havin’ such a good time too. Though my bad luck had run out fer a little bit. Nope. Can’t have that. Not for Abacus Jones. Soon as I let my guard slips bad things happen.

So there we were in her cave. She’d been campin’ there for a while. Huntin’ in the area. I’d been makin’ my way to the next town and hadn’t figured on getting’ caught in a snowstorm. She’d been kind enough ta’ invite me in. She shared some a’ her venison, I shared some a’ my bottle a’ whiskey. We talked a bit. Pretty soon we were getting’ down ta’ business.

She was on top, ridin’ me like a bronco. Just when she was about to climax, givin’ me a personal sense of satisfaction, she started growin’ hair all over her body. When her teeth started changin’ inta’ fangs I shoved her off. She landed my gear. I had time enough ta’ grab my boots and run out inta’ the snow before she fully transformed. This was gonna’ be the last time I fucked a werewolf.

My plan weren’t very good. I was gonna’ lead the she-wolf out on a chase and then circle back, grab my gun and then shoot her. I had some silver bullets made up just for an occasion like this. It was a shame ta’ kill her. Despite her desire ta’ kill me she was really pretty and a great tumble.

She was also a good person. Before I knew we were gonna’ have sex, when we were jest talkin’, it was nice. It was nice ta’ sit down and have a simple conversation that weren’t about business or cards or how I was gonna’ burn in hell. I knew there was something wrong with her. Because a’ my condition I could sense things that were similar ta’ me. My stomach had a funny feelin’ that let me know she weren’t human. Until the change everything was civil, so why not enjoy the company?

I could sympathize with her. No doubt she had as many problems with normal folk as me. It explained why she was livin’ in the middle a’ nowhere, huntin’ fer a livin’. No other reason she woulda’ been shunned. Back in my other life, before I became what I was, I probably woulda’ been leadin’ the charge ta’ run her outta’ town. Hell, bein’ what I was now and bein’ hunted by her I wasn’t her biggest fan.

I was not in my element. Too damned far north. I was only travellin’ this far up because I had to go to a town ta’ perform an exorcism. I hadn’t had ta’ deal with snow fer a long time. Not since the war at least. And back then I traveled around in a pretty nice coach. I wasn’t traipsin’ around in the snow stark naked. In the future I was gonna’ limit my good deeds and demon slayin’ ta’ warmer climates.

I looked behind ta’ see the she-wolf comin’ outta’ the cave. She sniffed that air. She’d be onta’ my scent in a second. It would only be a moment before she started chasin’ after me. I wasn’t gonna’ get lucky again. Not like last time when I shot a werewolf right as he started chewin’ on my leg. Hurt like hell, but it weren’t fatal. Normally werewolves went for the throat. I was tough, but I couldn’t live through that.

I started runnin’ again. I tripped over a rock and fell flat on my face. When I got up the she-wolf was boundin’ towards me. I picked up the rock and threw it. Ah missed by five feet. I tried ta’ throw myself outta’ a’ the way, but it didn’t work. She lunged. Her claws dug inta’ my chest. We fell backwards and I kicked my legs up. She flipped over me.

I scrambled up. She was up at the same time. I kicked her in the face. She gave out a sharp, miserable yelp that made me feel kinda’ sorry for her. That feelin’ faded the moment she bared her teeth an’ growled at me.

Normally I wasn’t used ta’ tall trees, but I shot up the closest one I could. Before I got completely away she clawed at my back somethin’ fierce. My back from my shoulders ta’ my ass cheeks felt like they were on fire. At least the blood tricklin’ down my legs warmed them up. I got up ta’ the first limb, but the she-wolf leaped up and clawed at me. She tore a good chunk outta’ the limb. I scrambled up ta’ the next one.

For all the good her claws were at killin’ me they didn’t let her get a grip on the tree. She couldn’t get ta’ me. I was safe. Fer the moment. Naked in the tree was not a good thing either. Already I was starting ta’ freeze. My feet were so cold they stung. At least I could still feel ‘em.

The she-wolf stopped jumpin’ up at the tree. Instead she settled on circlin’ around. Every so often she would growl or claw at the tree. If I was gonna’ get outta’ this I was gonna’ have ta’ do more than sit and freeze. I reached up and pulled one a’ the limbs above me. It held sturdy. Same as the next one. Third one? Same story. Finally one a’ the branches broke off. It seemed heavy enough ta’ do the job.

I let her circle one more time, then, when she was right below me, I jumped. I brought the tree branch down as I fell. It connected with her head so solid I felt it in my shoulder blades. The she-wolf dropped ta’ the ground. I took three deep, cold breaths. When ah’ finally stopped shakin’ and just started shiverin’ I reached down and felt her chest. It was slow, but she was still breathing. Normally I didn’t show these creatures no kindness. Never met one with any shred a’ goodness in ‘em. This one, she just seemed lonely. I’d been caught in enough honey traps ta’ know when the girl was jest lookin’ fer prey. This one, this she-wolf, didn’t seem hungry. I didn’t think I was food fer her. Ah think she really just wanted ta’ be with someone.

I stumbled back towards the cave. My vision had bursts a’ light in it. They grew brighter with every beat a’ my heart. My head became lighter. Ah prayed to that God I no longer followed that I could make it back ta’ the cave. The fire was still goin’ pretty strong. The warmth would help me heal quicker. Ah’d had worse wounds than this out in the desert and as cold as that could get it didn’t stop me. This weren’t my area. Didn’t know if I laid down if I’d be getting back up again.

I looked behind me to see what the she-wolf was doin’. She was getting’ up. Normally they were quieter. There was one pack that almost got the drop on me they were so silent. She was only makin’ noise because she was outta’ her senses. A sharp smack ta’ the head would do that ta’ anyone.

In addition ta’ my silver bullets I also had a small, silver dagger. It was a last ditch weapon. Werewolves had large, vicious claws and flesh-rending teeth. The dagger wouldn’t feel like much more than a bee sting to her unless I could get more than one or two stabs in. Truth be told I hadn’t ever used the dagger before. Gun served me pretty well up until now. I’d be real regretful if I had ta’ stab that girl ta’ death, werewolf that wanted ta’ eat my heart or not.

Almost made it inta’ the cave when I looked back again. The she-wolf was nowhere ta’ be seen. I stopped moving. Stopped breathing. She was toyin’ with me. I tried ta’ see where her tracks led off to so’s I could figure out which direction she was most likely ta’ attack me from. I heard a growl from behind me. While I was lookin’ back she’d taken the opportunity to get in front a’ the cave.

She swiped at me. One a’ her claws came a hair away from givin’ me a circumcision. Thankfully the cold had made it so the little feller didn’t stick out as much as it usually did.

“That’s a bad dog!” I kicked at her. My boot connected with her snout. She was surprised as much as I was. I had no doubt most a’ her prey had fought back some way or another, but I didn’t want ta’ think about their success rate.

I picked up a handful a’ snow and threw it in her face. As she shook it off I turned tail and started runnin’ again. It was time ta’ go back to the tree and come up with another plan. I heard her comin’ after me so I changed directions. She lunged. I could feel her as she just barely missed me.

The ground gave way to a hill. I tried ta’ keep right side up. To avoid pitchin’ forward I leaned back. My boots had no grip and I started slidin’ down. I almost made it, but near the bottom I crashed onto my ass and rolled. I cracked my head against a rock. It was just as well. If’n I’d gone any further I woulda’ tumbled inta’ a crick.

I reached up and touched my head. When I pulled back my hand it was covered in blood. It really hurt, but then the pain started ta’ fade. Not just from my head, but from all my other cuts. I was tempted ta’ drift off ta’ sleep. Let the she-wolf eat me without havin’ to suffer through it. It was a nice plan that I was gonna’ follow through on until the she-wolf came tumblin’ down. She rolled to a stop right next ta me, just as disoriented as I was.

Ta’ make it even more even I picked up the rock and bashed her in the face. I hit her again. I was raisin’ the rock again when she whined. Ah couldn’t find it in my heart ta’ crush her skull. This was what she was countin’ on. She lunged forward and dug her claws back inta’ my chest. Couldn’t focus on that. She was tryin’ ta’ rip my throat out. I crammed the rock inta’ her jaws.

We each tried ta’ disentangle from one another. She worked her mouth tryin’ ta’ dislodge the rock while I tried ta’ pull her claws out without losin’ too much more flesh. I tumbled inta the water, dragging her down with me. Ah managed ta wrangle her around so’s I was on top. She managed ta shake the rock lose from her mouth just in time ta’ swallow a load a’ water.

I had my hand on her throat, forcin’ her under the water. She clawed at my arms, but I was determined now. That and I couldn’t feel anythin’ anyway. Ah was straddlin’ her chest so she couldn’t quite use her back legs and was nowhere close ta’ clippin’ off my weddin’ tackle.

She thrashed around fer a bit. Then it became weaker. I could feel her start ta’ change. Her neck grew smaller and less hairy. The claws kept swinging at me until they turned back inta’ hands with torn fingernails.

I was tempted as hell ta’ keep her under. In the end I couldn’t. I pulled her outta’ the water and dumped her on the bank. She vomited up a whole mess a’ water. When she was done coughin’ I picked her up and we helped each other back ta’ the cave.

After sittin’ by the fire fer an hour I started ta’ feel normal again. I was wrapped up in one a’ my blankets. On the other side a’ the cave the girl was sittin’. She was huddled under a fur. We’d kept an eye on one another the whole time. Every so often I’d move my gun so the other could relax. Didn’t want my hand ta’ cramp up.

When we first got to the cave her nose was all smashed up and wouldn’t stop bleedin’. Now it only looked like she had a small scratch on the bridge of her nose. Despite that her eyes were still mighty black. She kept runnin’ her tongue along her teeth. When she opened her mouth I saw that I’d knocked out her front two teeth.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” She jumped. We had been so silent so long my voice sounded incredibly loud.

“About what?”

“Your teeth. I didn’t mean ta’ bust ‘em out.”

“You smashed me in the face with a rock.”

“But that was meant ta’ kill ya’, not mangle ya’.”

“My teeth will grow back when I change again.”

I pulled the hammer back on my revolver.

“I wasn’t going to change now! I don’t have the energy. Besides,” her head sank down so she wasn’t lookin’ at me no more, “I wasn’t supposed to change this time. I thought I had it under control! It’s been so long since I’ve had anyone nice ta’ talk to ever since my tribe exiled me! There are so few people who travel through this area and most are men who only want one thing from me, mostly by force. Those…ended up as food and I don’t regret that.

“But you, you were kind. Handsome. Well, better lookin’ than most. There was something about you. I thought I felt a connection. I’m so sorry. I ruined everything!”

She started bawlin’ her eyes out. It coulda’ very well been a trap. I didn’t think that was true, but better safe than havin’ my throat tore out. Ah’ let her cry for a good minute before I eased the hammer down. Another minute before I got up and walked to her side of the cave. Ah sat down and held her until she stopped cryin’. Which did take a while. She obviously had a lot ta’ get out.

She sniffled a bit. Her hand was on my chest, close ta’ where her claws got me the first time. The wounds were smaller, almost healed. As I breathed flakes of dried blood fell off.

“There’s somethin special about you,” she said.

“Ain’t nothin’ special about me.”

“Your eyes are very pretty.” That was kind of a shock. Most people were repulsed by my mostly black eyes.

“Yours are pretty too.” They woulda’ been too if they weren’t bloodshot from all the cryin’. We watched the fire fer a little bit. I noticed her hand movin’ more an’ more across my chest and stomach. I knew what was gonna’ be happenin’.

“This is going to sound awkward,” she said, “but I was wonderin’ if we could…finish…what we started.”

“Now hold on there, darlin’, that last time didn’t end too well for me.”

“I know, I know. This time I promise to control myself. I’ll be careful. I’ll…”

“Look, I ain’t sayin’ I ain’t willing’. Just first I need a little more time ta’ heal. I ain’t lookin’ forward to rippin’ open any scabs. That and this time I want ta’ be on top. Deal?”


The End

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