Zombie Train To Hell!

            I got up, pissed as I’ve ever been, and made for the door with as much machismo as I could muster after six beers.

            “Yo, Ribbons, don’t forget, tomorrow at 9am, we’ve gotta be up to make the train back home.  Thanksgiving break  Woo!”

            I’m soo pissed, and drunk, that when I end up in front of Amy’s dorm I don’t even remember walking there.  Her light was off.  Was she actually asleep as the girl I thought she was, or was she just banging some random jock as the girl everyone else seemed to know her as.  It’s this second thought that ends with me throwing up just outside of some girl’s window and falling into the bushes weeping again like the sad sack I’ve suddenly become.  I’m not cool enough to bring along a boom box, just puke and my sad girly weeping.  Eventually campus security has to come and pull me away.

            “Girl trouble huh?” He asked nicely as he hauled me back to my dorm.  “I’ve been there, try not to let it get you down you know?  Happens to everyone once in a while.”

            “We were supposed to get married.  Plan since beginning of high school.”

            “Oh, one of those.  Sorry to tell you bud, but it’s next to impossible to keep things going once life shifts gears from high school.  Just one of those things.  I myself had a lady on the line after high school, but once I got to college, with all the parties and such, man, there was no way I was going to stay with her.”

            “But she was cheating on me even in high school, I only found out today.  The whole time practically, even with my brother.”

            “Damn, brother waxed her too huh?  Damn, that’s harsh.  But seriously, you’re better off without her you know?  I mean the girl was fucking around, right?”  He glanced over to me tearing up again, “Now, now, don’t think so bad about it.  I know that things seem bad right now, but things will open up for you soon enough.  College is amazing that way.  That’s the reason why I’m doing security here you know?  It never gets old.  Fucking Dazed and Confused man!  Right?  I’m that guy; ‘I just keep getting older and they stay the same age.’  Fucking genius!  And that’s how I live my life now.  Hell, just a couple of hours ago I hooked up with this girl.  Freaky as shit, oh man the things that girl was into.  What was her name?”

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