Zombie Train To Hell!

            This was torture.  And maybe I should have just come to college for a good time, but that wasn’t part of the plan.  I was supposed to be with Amy, and we were supposed to graduate together and then go off and make some ultimate life beginning sex.  Before I knew what had happened, a lamenting half sob of ‘Amy’ fell out of my mouth. 

            “Yeah, son, that’s what it was.  Gotta write that shit down.”

            Scrap my earlier tally, the girl had apparently slept with nearly everyone in the fucking world. 

            The next morning came, and at nine the alarm went off.  I felt terrible.  I packed, and tried my best not to wake up Tim.  But being the idiot I obviously was, gave his bed an angry kick, which hurt me more than it affected him.  He got up, smug faced, smiling down at me coddling my aching foot. 

            “Morning roomy.  Bright day huh?  I guess I better get packed.”

            I give him an uninterested look as I go back to my packing.

            “Oh come on man, I already said I’m sorry.  Get over it already.”

            I ignore him while I finish packing.  As soon as I’m done I make my way downstairs and wait for the bus.  Eventually Tim comes along, still trying to talk to me, but I try not to listen.  It’s a quarter past eleven when the bus finally comes, and just before we leave, she jumps on board too.

            “Sorry, I was…woke up late.” 

            That stupid giggle, I hated how much I loved her even now.  When she passed by she avoided my stare completely, but gave Tim a sweet hello as she sat next to him.  I decide right there I’m getting a new roommate when I get back.  As well as a new best friend.

            I try not to listen as the bus drives on, but I can’t help it, and suddenly I catch the word ‘brother.’

            “What?” I say sitting up and turning around to talk over the person behind me.

            “Nothing, Josh.” She huffs it out.

            “Well, I just heard, well, you said brother and I…”

            “I said oh brother.  Leave me alone Josh, we’re broken up now.  And stop stalking me.  I, heard, from campus security you were hanging around the girls dorms last night.  Try not to be so pathetic.”

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