The Best Relationship Ever

A knock at the door knocks me out of my thoughts. They’re fuzzy, but I’ve managed to hold on to them. I need them. They’re the only thing giving me peace as this goes down. Another knock, hurried and impatient. I hope they go away. To my horror the knob on the door turns and I close my eyes. This day is going to get worse. The scream confirms that thought. The high pitched screaming means it’s not Brian, it damn well better not be Brian with that pitch, and I open up my eyes. Kirsten is standing in the doorway with her hands over her mouth, eyes wide with horror. Then I realize why. It’s not that I’m stabbed and the place looks like a horror show, it’s because I haven’t moved. She thinks I’m dead.

“Hey.” I manage to croak out while I raise my shaky hand.

She’s a bit dazed. The scream has subsided but she hasn’t moved.

“Could…could you close the door? I don’t want…people to see me.” This takes a lot of effort and more blood flows out of my mouth and onto the carpet.

She closes the door. She starts towards me but stops. It looks like she’s going to puke. I hope not. Blood stains are tough enough, but I don’t need vomit on my carpet as well. She continues walking towards me, but it almost turns into a run. I hope she stops soon, if she accidentally kicks me I think I’m going to cry. She kneels down and touches my face.

“It’s okay,” My voice is gravely and barely there now, “I’m fine, really. No need to worry or feel guilty.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She keeps repeating to me.

She picks me up into a sitting position. I don’t want to stand up. I’m leaning against her like she used to lean against me when we watched television. It’s nice. Her warm clothes are a contrast to me. I feel really cold. The movement hurts me, but I don’t care. I never realized how much I was going to miss her until right at this moment. I mean, I had an idea, but I never knew how safe and loved I feel when I am in her arms.

“It’s no problem…really. It was…my fault…anyway. And…I could’ve gotten…help…but I’m stupid. I didn’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Becky thought you were at the hospital, but I decided to stop by here to make sure you had actually gone!”

“Nah, I was feeling…good. Decided to sit here…for a bit. Bad idea. I think…I think I might die now.”

“Die! We can’t let that happen! We need to get you to a hospital! Where’s the phone.” She looks around frantically.

“It’s on…on the couch. Mind the blood.” I gesture feebly in the area of the couch.

“I’ll get you help. I love you, don’t die.”

“Love…love you too, Kirsten.” I say, “I like the pictures.” I hope she can see my smile.

She kisses me and then goes to plug the phone in. I can still feel her kiss on my lips and her love warms me. Things are going to be alright. This is the best day ever.


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