The Alternate Reality Job- A SVHU Yarn

I figured that with that many people one of them had to have a gun. If they didn’t, well, then they weren’t much of a gang. I wanted the lookout to have a gun so that the terrible plan I had in my head went easier.

I exited the car and shut the door slowly so it didn’t make a sound. As I strode across the street my head started to hurt again. I definitely didn’t need that right then. My sight went away and when it returned everything seemed far away. I stumbled forward, still trying to remain inconspicuous. When I reached the other side the pain started to fade. It went from a sharp pain to a dull ache in the back of my skull. My vision focused again so that I could continue.

I was approaching my target when the pain came back. I staggered as the world went gray again. I put my hand against the wall to steady myself. I thought that this could actually help me get closer to the look out. Stumbling and leaning against the building I looked like a junkie in need of a fix. I waited until the headache ebbed and color returned to the world. He still wasn’t paying any attention as I approached and I slid my hand into my pocket to retrieve Jordan’s knife.

The lookout didn’t expect me to be any threat so it came to him as a surprise when I stabbed him in the throat. He had time to grab my shirt to try and shove me back. Right when the blade plunged into the flesh my headache surged back. It felt like my brain was expanding and trying to blow up my skull. The lookout fell backwards and took me with him. We tumbled to the ground at the mouth of the alley.

I struggled to get up and away, but the lookout had a hard grip on me. The pain in my head was so intense that I couldn’t think of any of the basic moves to break free of him. It was then that my body started to spasm and bulge out again. Through all the pain I finally realized what this all meant.

The world was trying to turn me back into Isaac. It didn’t like having Blood Shadow there. I didn’t fit!

My stomach expanded and flopped out over the waistband of my shorts. The clothes I had on were holding together just barely. They were designed to stretch to a point. Definitely not to the extremes of my quickly fattening body. Whichever forensics expert found my body would go into hysterics.

That was only if they found my body.

The rest of the gang finally noticed their fallen lookout along with the idiot having spasms on top of him. Two of them pulled me away from their friend’s grip, then tossed me to the ground where I couldn’t do anything but writhe in agony.

Every time the fat bulged out it felt like my skin was about to rip open at a dozen seams. When it contracted it was like my skeleton was in a vice. Only one of the gang members was really watching me. The rest were focused on their quickly dying friend.

One of them had his shirt off and was pressing it against the wound in vain. None of them thought to call for help. It wouldn’t help, their friend was dead.

That was bad news for me.

The changes in my body finally stopped. I had a moment of relief when I saw that I was still me and not in Isaac’s body. That was my only relief because my head was still killing me.

Finally the other gang members realized the futility of trying to save their friend. They quickly dragged his body farther into the alley. The one closest to me dragged me in as well and started punching me in the face. The blows were bolts of lightning through my brain.

After the third punch I decided I’d had enough. I punched him back, catching him clean in the left eye. His head snapped back, but that was all. He punched me twice again for my trouble before he spat in my face and pushed me back to the ground. He stood up and started kicking me. I curled up in a ball to minimize the damage.

I knew that this was only a prelude to the pain that was waiting for me. I just killed one of their friends, a beating wasn’t going to be enough. This was just to soften me up before they killed me…or took me somewhere else to really get revenge.

I was focused on his kicks that I forgot about the screaming pain in my brain. That’s when I realized it wasn’t there anymore. My head was finally clear. That was bad news for my attacker and his friends.

When the next kick came I reached out and grabbed his ankle. I pulled him off balance towards me. With my free hand I punched him in the crotch. He fell onto me. I made it look like I was trying to shove him off me, but I was really searching for his gun.

I found it jammed down the back of his pants. As I gripped it I flipped off the safety and pointed it at the next nearest gang member. When I squeezed the trigger and nothing happened. I hated this world. It was obviously a world where the only luck I had was bad.

Now that I had a gun, though, the alley froze. No one was quite sure what to make of me. I reached to cock the gun and that broke everyone’s paralysis. The bulk of them reached for their own guns, one ran and one stood there looking at me dumbly.

I got three shots off before any of them had the guns out. The each got a bullet through their forehead. The fourth got one in his neck. The last actually managed to fire back. He was panicked, making his aim poor. Good for me since otherwise I was screwed. The bullet missed me by inches. The brick behind me took the hit and I felt little shards of it dig into my neck and shoulder. For his trouble I shot him in the eye.

The non-player I shot in the head as well. The runner was almost out of the alley, but I got a shot off and caught him in the heart. He took two more steps then fell face first on the ground.

The only person now left alive in the alley other than me was the gang member still on top of me. I pushed him off me enough that I could get the gun between us. I jammed the barrel into his eye socket. He screamed as the hot metal burned him. I cut the scream short by squeezing the trigger.

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