abacus XX


I came to where I’d left off, the sound of screaming filling the dark cell, only now I realized it wasn’t me that was letting it out.  The Vampire had sunk his teeth in my neck and drank from my dark blood, a blood that for a Vampire would be like drinking fire.  I’d forgotten about this little detail until just now and it recalled me back to the time I first realized this.  Continue reading

Topic 2: In The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Andrew Thomas Prenger

The top floor of the building was like nothing else in the world. You waited in the elevator for minutes unending until the doors opened into a rainforest deep in the heart of the city. The humidity hit you like a punch in the chest. The air was so thick that you could chew it. Even after years of daily trips to the floor the young man in the elevator was still caught off guard by it. Continue reading

Topic : Quicksand by Andrew Thomas Prenger

 A little overview of what’s going on here.  We’ve started a Write Club Spokane sort of thing.  We choose topics and write a short story about them.  Currently it’s Andrew, Patrick, Matt, and a new member, Eva.  That said, here’s an entry.-

by Andrew Thomas Prenger

My first thought, stupid as it was, the moment my foot started sinking into the ground was “who gets trapped in quicksand nowadays?” It was some stupid trope from adventure films of the sixties. Nobody ever showed it happening anymore. Now the hero dodged animals or monsters, maybe the jungle around them came alive, but never quicksand, not anymore. Continue reading