Speak Easy

Desmet was her name, and only Desmet.  The girl she’d become, the one exiting onto the horn-filled street from the basement stairway beneath the simple restaurant front above, had never known of a last name for herself, and so she was Desmet and nothing more. Continue reading


Saret stared up into the empty titian sky at the last sunset he’d ever see.  The great orb, Galst, the dying giant alighting the abandoned planet surface of deserted plains and empty horizons.  The only sound left for Saret, was himself.  His shallow breathing, quick and jagged, and the beating of his heart beneath his chest as it tried to keep the blood flowing through his body, not realizing it was simply spilling more out onto the endless sands.  Saret would die today. Continue reading

Abacus Jones: Soulless Cowboy in,

abacus header23

I weren’t happy about things as they were, to say the least.

Angel had taken my eye.  My good one.  I think.  It was hard to say without a gun in my hand.  The world seemed smaller on account of it no matter how much land still laid out before us on this damned journey.  There was still at least a good day’s travel to the mountain we’d been heading towards the past two days, and the closer we got to it, the more my blood seemed to be boiling inside of me.  Even if I hadn’t known where we were heading on account of a light that only my eyes could see rising like a beacon from the top of that mountain, the fever that was welling up in me would have told me the same.  As if darkness could emit such blinding light that it made me all kinds of ill.  Something was happening to me, and I didn’t like it. Continue reading

By any other

Gladys Howard had seen the dead, the ones clinging hopelessly to the last strands of life, those with missing portions of a once full body, some who would need to have pieces of their bodies severed to save their life. She’d seen so much in only three months, and already she felt numb to it.  Even now, using all of her strength to hold the young soldier down as the doctor sawed off his left leg below his knee,  she was thinking only about her next cigarette. Continue reading