The Alternate Reality Job- A SVHU Yarn


By: Andrew Thomas Prenger

I was sitting at my normal booth at the bar talking to The Damned Tinker when it happened. It was quick enough that most people didn’t even see it before it hit them. Those that did see it quickly drained their drinks or stared dumbfounded while it overtook them. Not much else they could do. Even being aware of it didn’t mean a person could outrun it. I knew of speedsters who tried and still failed. Continue reading

Every Cowboy Sings a Sad, Sad Song- A SVHU Vignette

By: Andrew Thomas Prenger

Dana Devastation exited from the parking garage to the street. There was a bounce in her step as she walked to the door of her house. It was a good day. The rucksack slung over her shoulder was stuffed with hundred dollar bills. She and Black Hat pulled off a very successful bank robbery and gotten away clean. All she had to do now was take it to her guy who would wash it and deposit in her account and then she could use it. Continue reading

Woke Up This Morning – A SVHU Vignette

By: Andrew Thomas Prenger


“Fuck you, motherfucker, you buyin’ this shit!”

“I ain’t payin’ that much for it, asshole! Why you so greedy today?”

Blood Shadow rolled over in his army cot, squeezing his pillow on his head. No matter how hard he pressed he could still hear the two junkies outside his apartment window arguing about the price of half-an-ounce of coke. It was way too early for that kind of crap. Continue reading