Topic 2: In The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Andrew Thomas Prenger

The top floor of the building was like nothing else in the world. You waited in the elevator for minutes unending until the doors opened into a rainforest deep in the heart of the city. The humidity hit you like a punch in the chest. The air was so thick that you could chew it. Even after years of daily trips to the floor the young man in the elevator was still caught off guard by it. Continue reading

Topic 2: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Patrick Pugh

Friday So-and-So

The First Job:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon…Dammit.

friday so and so

                The cigarette was practically smoking itself at this point.  The ashen remnants still clung to the rest of its spent body promising to let go just as soon as Hollis Yard realized he was still alive and decided to move. Continue reading