Welcome to Saturday Morning’s Best!


Updates do not happen quite as often.  I am solely to blame for this.  Or rather the excessive and increasing demands of the responsible adult world are to blame.  My father raised me to be responsible for work.  To work hard at work.  And so I do.  But this is destroying me, like losing blocks of legos, over time.  I am being unmade for the person that I had intended to become.  The demands of earning a living.  Affording the things I need and don’t need.  I am awaiting that moment where I can no longer accept this existence and freak out in a sort of implosion and finally embrace the creative side of me that is being hindered.  But until then, I will update as soon as I can.  Andrew and I have a sort of “Gentlemen’s bet” going on right now.  He created the character Abacus Jones and I had a ridiculous idea for him one day that I presented to him.  Because of his disinterest in the idea I told him “Fine then! I’ll just write it!”  That was the beginning of the long running Abacus Jones and the Fleshlight Map.  I’ve been at it for more years than I care to admit.  I know the ending, I’ve always known the ending.  I’m on the last quarter of the story now, and it will end soon.  But while I’ve been sitting on this, Andrew has come up with his own Abacus Jones novel that he’s been working on daily.  This is hugely exciting!  But this means that he may finish before me!  So we made a sort of “bet” to see who would finish first.  Technically I write faster, but he writes more efficiently and better.  I just barf  on the page and hope it satisfies me.  If so, then I move on.  So I have 2 entries to post on here soon, but about 5 more after that to round out the story.  It’s any man’s game now!  To the winner, applause!  Until later, SMsB!



With the approaching end of 2015 looming ahead, and being that no update has happened here in recent years, I think it’s time for an update.  So, life moves on, people get older, priorities change.  This is life.  Ebb and Flow in all aspects.  Good, and bad.  So the site isn’t getting nearly as updated as it once was.  Andrew is busy working on a novel, Matt has gone to work at making dollars where he can, and I….well I am working, and far too involved with a plethora of projects.  I do webcomics, when I can force myself to make them, and I am always writing a number of things.  I have 2 screenplays, 1 I’m actually working on, about 5 books, and a number of comics, and other random shorts.  While I have some chapters for some longer works, I am trying not to post those as I know my tendency to get sidetracked or writers block.  It’s real, and just a constant sort of Gremlin sitting behind me at all times waiting to strike.  So I write when I can force myself to sit, and sometimes nothing comes out in those sessions….which is hugely defeating.  But I do keep trying.  I’m hoping to get to the end of the Abacus tale I started all those years ago.  At this point even I don’t know how it ends.  It has become it’s own monster, in a story of monster hunting.  I keep asking the creator of the character, Andrew, to finish it, but he doesn’t seem to want to.  So that is one goal for the new year.  The next is to finish this screenplay in front of me right now.  Until then, have a good day and month, and year!


We started doing a ‘Write Club’ of sorts a few months back.  We had a new member, but now we don’t.  We only got two stories out before the Write Club fell apart.  But we’re looking to get it going again, so keep your eyes peeled.  Sorry for all the delays, this is our hobby, not our mind numbing day jobs, so we can’t get to it all the time.  You never know what quirk life is going to throw your way.  Perhaps we should be learning from all the delays. Sorry again, but stay tuned.


Holy Crap it’s been a long time since there was an update.  So, as far as what’s been going on for over a year, not much.  I have a job, and it takes most of my time in life to do that.  Andrew also recently quit the comic book shop to try his hand at something menial.  So updates have been rare, but we’ll get them out as soon as we have them.  As far as Matt, he’s just been writing the Nat and the Beanstalk comic which I’ve been illustrating.  It’s been fun.


Sorry things haven’t been updating since the beginning of 2010.  I was really wanting that flying car, and became supremely depressed when it didn’t come out.  This is the future right?  Anyway, we’re getting back into the swing of things, so we hope you enjoy.

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