Abacus Jones, Soulless Cowboy in:

From back a ways, the town looked like any other town that looked the way this one did from far away.  It was nightfall now, the moon was already high in the sky without a cloud in it’s way.  We was just coming in on the outskirts when we noticed there weren’t a single light in any window.  Continue reading

Abacus Jones, Soulless Cowboy in:

Where was I?  Oh yeah, my Indian wife, prearranged while I was celebratin and smokin, was now about pregnant.  Just a couple months shy of dumping the thing out if I weren’t mistaken.

The chief musta felt I needed to stand now, so he nodded in the direction of the fellers that was carrying me and they pulled out a couple of knives and I was on the ground.  Course that meant some of the arrows were now in me further.  But again, the chief being so nice a fella, nodded and them two same Indians went at me and started pulling out the arrows.  I waited a few before moving, and then I slowly got up, my body screaming in pain, but I knew it’d heal so I wasn’t too concerned.  Continue reading

Abacus Jones Soulless Cowboy in:



                When I came to, the Vampire was carrying me, which I got ta say is mighty embarrassin’.  Me bein a monster hunter and all. 

                “You can put me to the ground now Vampire.”  I said as I reached up to scratch my head and realized that my hat wasn’t there.  Continue reading

Abacus Jones: Soulless Cowboy in,

There he was.  The Leper.  His face still fully covered in wrapped bandages, old, dusty, and splattered with new blood.  Eyes hidden beneath dark glasses, and that thick coat of his was buttoned all the way up to his neck and fell just below his knees.  And now he was wearing Bannet’s blood on his right hand.  Bein this close ta him now, and having just watched him punch a hole through a man’s chest, I could tell he wasn’t exactly human.  Least not anymore.  Continue reading