Love. Beginning and End.

I watch her.  Shoulders bare, exposed, blessedly white.  That skin of hers a milky hue, virginal, alluring, and all too tempting.  She moved to taunt at my desires. Hips swaying  and dropping to each side with small strides she walks away from me.  It’s this dance, it calls me straight to her.  I see her every day like this, and nothing about it has ever seemed monotonous, only beautiful.  But I’ve never told her this.  Breaking that silence, leaking that tempted desire, it would weaken me too much I think, so I hold my tongue, and I remember the night I met her. Continue reading

Vas Prime and the Nanobots of Love

The metal shackles held my wrists tight against the arms of the chair and my ankles against the front legs.  I was naked of course, as is the nature of these things and the cold morning air coming in from the window made me look–well–less impressive.  She stood before me in all her naked glory, the blond from last night now transformed into her–long flowing black hair, big curves and big tits and big attitude and the trademark eye patch covering her left eye.  She had my cane in her left hand resting slightly on it, right hand on her hip, head tilted slightly upwards, that arrogant smirk of hers–oh how many times I’ve killed her just for that look. Continue reading