Topic 2: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Patrick Pugh

Friday So-and-So

The First Job:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon…Dammit.

friday so and so

                The cigarette was practically smoking itself at this point.  The ashen remnants still clung to the rest of its spent body promising to let go just as soon as Hollis Yard realized he was still alive and decided to move. Continue reading

Zombie Train To Hell!

Act I


            “I’m breaking up with you.” She said.

            She went to her phone, tapping keys, probably relaying the situation in front of her at that very moment.  Yeah, she was that kind of girl.  She kept at it for almost a minute until finally turning her attention back towards the me that was still standing exactly how I had been :  mouth open, confused eyes, and an inability to think at the moment. Continue reading