Absynthe Mile

It was his turn to deal. The cards in his hands, and that lazy eye of his glazing over towards me, as if to say, you are done. It didn’t fill me with much confidence in myself. He was playing with me, losing to me until the last hand when he went all in. He’d been smiling the whole time, laughing each loss off as if it weren’t a big deal at all, and so I thought he just had lots to lose, which was all the better for me to win. But he knew what he was doing, and only when I saw that royal flush of his did I figure it out. I had more winnings than him in the last hand, and now I only had a little less than a quarter of it left. This was all I had left of me, my life in my own faltering hands, and only twenty minutes to get the money I owed to the man I owed it to. Things didn’t look so good. And this guy was better than me. Continue reading