Abacus Jones, Soulless Cowboy in:

Where was I?  Oh yeah, my Indian wife, prearranged while I was celebratin and smokin, was now about pregnant.  Just a couple months shy of dumping the thing out if I weren’t mistaken.

The chief musta felt I needed to stand now, so he nodded in the direction of the fellers that was carrying me and they pulled out a couple of knives and I was on the ground.  Course that meant some of the arrows were now in me further.  But again, the chief being so nice a fella, nodded and them two same Indians went at me and started pulling out the arrows.  I waited a few before moving, and then I slowly got up, my body screaming in pain, but I knew it’d heal so I wasn’t too concerned.  Continue reading

Abacus Jones Soulless Cowboy in:



                When I came to, the Vampire was carrying me, which I got ta say is mighty embarrassin’.  Me bein a monster hunter and all. 

                “You can put me to the ground now Vampire.”  I said as I reached up to scratch my head and realized that my hat wasn’t there.  Continue reading