Abacus Jones: Soulless Cowboy in,


What is this?  A self.

I have been so many for so long.  A tender of a flock that was the flock himself, and yet the shepherd.  But this: a self?  After such time that time itself is meaningless?  I tell myself that I am Abacus Jones now.  He was.  He yet is, for now.  I am.  We?  Certainly I have been a “we” for an eternity, so I can be two.  We are two that is one.  We are Abacus Jones now. Continue reading

Abacus Jones: Soulless Cowboy in,

part 22

I found myself in the dark place again, standing and staring into nothingness.

“Here again?  Already?” Came the voice from behind me, the voice of the boy that claimed to be my son.

             “Last place I want to be, believe me. “ I responded as I turned to face him again.

             “Surprisingly you aren’t dead, you know.” Continue reading

Is it a Wonderful Life?


                The snow had been falling for three days.  The usually bustling streets of Seattle had been sheared to a ghost town of sorts.  Those that were out were the few that owned vehicles with 4 wheel drive or chains.  But even on this bleak Wednesday morning when the freeways would typically be bumper to bumper traffic, only a few cars were braving the roads, sparsely separated between one another on this Christmas day.  Continue reading