Saret stared up into the empty titian sky at the last sunset he’d ever see.  The great orb, Galst, the dying giant alighting the abandoned planet surface of deserted plains and empty horizons.  The only sound left for Saret, was himself.  His shallow breathing, quick and jagged, and the beating of his heart beneath his chest as it tried to keep the blood flowing through his body, not realizing it was simply spilling more out onto the endless sands.  Saret would die today. Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes in:

A New Partner and the Case of the Missing Doctor

Part II

Andrew sat in the chair, his whiskey having been finished at the end of his story in one single motion.  When he responded, Holmes was already on the move and readying himself for the case.

“Me?  You want me to come with you?” Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes in:

A New Partner, and the Case of the Missing Doctor

Part I 

Dr Watson was away on vacation with his wife when Sherlock Holmes received a knock at his door.  The man had been stagnant for days without a case or problem to be solved, and his old habit was well in effect by now.  Another knock came at the door and then another moment passed before Ms Hudson opened the door and a light that had been absent from the room shone on Holmes sitting in his chair appearing nearly dead to the elderly woman.  Continue reading