Topic : Quicksand by Patrick Pugh

 A little overview of what’s going on here.  We’ve started a Write Club Spokane sort of thing.  We choose topics and write a short story about them.  Currently it’s Andrew, Patrick, Matt, and a new member, Eva.  That said, here’s an entry.-

The name Harold Maulley is likely one you are not familiar with.  It is my hope that after reading this you will go and purchase, download on Kindle, or obtain by whatever means necessary, his only novel Quicksand.  I had recently been at a friend’s apartment, an apartment in the downtown area of Portland, Oregon, seated above a bar and a pizza house, to which I joked to my friend that he wouldn’t often have to leave his comfortable niche.  His response was a curious look and a more serious response than I believe it necessitated when he said “Of course.”  This was directed at me in much a way as to pinpoint my idiotic comment.  As if these two elements were the only reason that he chose this happy domicile.  Continue reading