Abacus Jones, Soulless Cowboy in:

My vision blurred as the world fell down around me and everything was black and still.  There was no more screaming, no more pain, only the silence and darkness.  But there was still me.  At least, I think it was me, at the center of all of it, as if all the darkness and quiet were a room I was stuck in. Continue reading

Abacus Jones, Servant of Apocitus in:

I had been told as a boy once that no man ever grew more prosperous than from having his own land.  To till your own soil, and grow your own food.  To raise your cattle to raise their own young someday.  And of course, to have your own horse.  That was most important of all.  That’s what riches were to Robert McTannen. Continue reading

Abacus Jones, Soulless Cowboy in:

Playing a piano is a lot like being unable to read while trying to read after getting kicked square in your head by a horse.  A really…angry…horse.

I looked at all the white and black bars all lined up in a row in front of me and thought to myself, who could learn this?!  With the piano player dead, and his story looking more true by each second, it wasn’t looking that any of us had the time to start learning.  I started to put my fingers down in what looked to be the right way, but only a fitful sound came out.  Something that sounded like a mule hauling a wagon over a cliff.  Continue reading

Abacus Jones, Soulless Cowboy in:

Where was I?  Oh yeah, my Indian wife, prearranged while I was celebratin and smokin, was now about pregnant.  Just a couple months shy of dumping the thing out if I weren’t mistaken.

The chief musta felt I needed to stand now, so he nodded in the direction of the fellers that was carrying me and they pulled out a couple of knives and I was on the ground.  Course that meant some of the arrows were now in me further.  But again, the chief being so nice a fella, nodded and them two same Indians went at me and started pulling out the arrows.  I waited a few before moving, and then I slowly got up, my body screaming in pain, but I knew it’d heal so I wasn’t too concerned.  Continue reading